Do you have an idea or a concept that’s difficult to explain? For more than one hundred years, animation has been used to explain new ideas or products. Today explainer videoes are used by scientists, inventors, private corporations and governments to explain complicated messages in an easy to understand and entertaining way.

This explainer video explains the benefits of switching to Bekeys’s cloud-based key system.

Why choose animation?

Animation’s unique combination of sound, movement and illustration retains the viewer’s attention better than any other media!
An explainer video has the ability to turn complex issues into simple messages.
They are fast-paced and can deliver a lot of information in a short time-span.
Animation has an almost universal appeal, and is able to create an emotional response in a large demographic.

An explainer video can improve your websites conversion rate in a big way.
It will increase the visitor’s trust in the website and make them more likely to make a purchase in your webshop.

What’s the process?

First we’ll invite you to a meeting, either face to face, by phone or Skype. We make sure we understand your brand and the message you want to deliver.

If you already have a script, we’ll make sure it works visually as well as in written form. If you don’t have one we’ll help you write it.

We’ll find the right voice artist for your film and take care of recording voice-over, sound effects and music.

We’ll draw a storyboard and combine it with the voice-over. Now we have a film-like representation of the entire video. A so-called animatic.

Next we can get started drawing and animating your video. We’ll do effects, compositing and an edit of the final video.

What we’ll deliver

  • Script

    The most important component of an effective explainer video is the script. We can help you write one that will resonate with your target audience.

  • A unique hand-made video

    We draw and animate your video from scratch. We do not use standard-templates or re-use old projects. That means you get a unique video that suits your brand.

  • Storyboard / animatic

    We produce a storyboard and an animatic, so everyone will have a clear idea how the final video will look before start production.

  • High resolution and quality

    Alle videos are delievered in 1080p HD resolution (unless otherwise specified). That guarantees that your video looks crisp and professinal on all devices. We can deliver in most common video-formats.

  • Professional sound & speak

    We are able to deliver voice-overs in most languages, recorded by professional native speakers. We’ll also add sound effects and find music that suits your video.

  • Fast delivery

    We are specialized, and we know what works. We have most of the skills needed in-house. That means we are usually able to deliver your video in just 3 - 4 weeks from the date you place an order.

Let’s get started!

Every explainer video is unique and has different requirements, so we need a few details before we can tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take to produce.
Contact us today and tell us more about your project, and we’ll supply you with a quote and a schedule as soon as possible.